[SBS Star] Ha Jiwon and Ju Ji Hoon in Talks for 'Prometheus'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Ha Jiwon and Ju Ji Hoon in Talks for Prometheus
Korean actress Ha Jiwon and actor Ju Ji Hoon are considering offers for a new drama!

On February 19, it was reported that Ha Jiwon and Ju Ji Hoon are in talks for starring in an upcoming drama 'Prometheus: War of the Flame' (tentative title).
Ha JiwonIn response to the report, Ha Jiwon's management agency Haewadal Entertainment stated, "'Prometheus' is one of the many offers she has recently received. She is positively considering it."

Ju Ji Hoon's Keyeast Entertainment also said, "The actor did receive the offer for 'Prometheus', and we are currently reviewing it."
Ju Ji Hoon'Prometheus' will be a drama depicting a story of South Korean intelligence officers try to track down three missing North Korean scientists, who have knowledge on the existence of ICBM and nuclear weapons of the country.

The drama has been garnering public's attention as the estimated production cost for the drama reportedly exceeds 30 billion won (approximately 28 million dollars).

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