[SBS Star] VIDEO: Fans Are Laughing at JIN's Cold Response to V & JIMIN's Cute Conversation

Lee Narin

Published 2020.06.30 13:53 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Fans Are Laughing at JINs Cold Response to V & JIMINs Cute Conversation
JIN of K-pop boy group BTS' response to his fellow members V and JIMIN's cute conversation is making fans laugh.

Recently, BTS' management agency Big Hit Entertainment shared one behind-the-scenes footage of the boys online. 
BTSIn the footage, JIN, V and JIMIN were seen having Korean-Chinese delivery food together. 

As they were getting ready to eat, V said, "I don't want to push my hair back, because it makes me look cute." 

JIMIN responded, "You are always cute though." 

V laughed and commented with a shy smile, "Hey.... Oh, stop. Stop it." 
BTSAfter listening to this, JIN coldly said without even looking at them, "What are you two doing, man..." 

Then, he just ate as if he is saying, "I've had enough of this." and only cared about the food in front of him. 

While JIN ate, V shyly laughed and said, "Hey, no. Stop.", and made some cute noises in embarrassment. 
(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment/Online Community) 

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