[SBS Star] Girls' Generation Taeyeon Makes Pretty Bracelets for KEY·YERI·Hyoyeon

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Published 2020.06.30 11:07 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Girls Generation Taeyeon Makes Pretty Bracelets for KEY·YERI·Hyoyeon
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation gifted handmade bracelets to her celebrity friends.

On June 28, Taeyeon updated her Instagram with some new photos of herself.

The photos showed Taeyeon looking away from the camera, making cute poses.

She was wearing a bracelet with huge white beads and flower-patterned dress.

Under these photos, Taeyeon proudly wrote, "I made the bracelet myself!"
TaeyeonSoon after the post was uploaded, KEY of boy group SHINee came along and said, "Can you make me a mint green one?"

Then, YERI of girl group Red Velvet commented, "Make me a purple one, please!"

Taeyeon's group fellow member Hyoyeon also ordered a bracelet from her. 

She said, "Can you make me the same one as the one you're wearing in the photos?"
TaeyeonNot long later, Taeyeon shared a photo of the bracelets that she made for these three stars and tagged them in it.

They were all flawlessly made even though Taeyeon did not spend that much time to make them.

This showed how talented she is in other areas besides singing and dancing, and many fans are super impressed at the moment.
Taeyeon(Credit= 'taeyeon_ss' Instagram)

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