[SBS Star] Chung Kyung-ho Spotted Hosting a Wedding Ceremony

Lee Narin

Published 2020.06.22 18:05 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Chung Kyung-ho Spotted Hosting a Wedding Ceremony
Actor Chung Kyung-ho was seen hosting a wedding ceremony. 

On June 21, singer Navi shared a group photo on her Instagram. 
Chung Kyung-hoIn the photo, Navi, Chung Kyung-ho, singers Lee Yu-na and Shin Na-ra were smiling next to each other. 

As they were fully dressed, it seemed like they attended a formal event. 

Chung Kyung-ho looked chic but cute in a navy suit and horn-rimmed glasses.  
Chung Kyung-hoThen a few hours later, more photos of Chung Kyung-ho from this day were uploaded online. 

They were photos of him with a bride and groom at their wedding ceremony. 

It turned out Chung Kyung-ho was hosting this wedding ceremony. 

It is unknown which one of the couple he was hosting the event for, but he apparently did an excellent job hosting it. 
Chung Kyung-hoMeanwhile, Chung Kyung-ho recently wrapped up a medical drama 'Hospital Playlist'. 

(Credit= Online Community, 'navi_jiho' '5_5LUCKY' Instagram) 

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