[SBS Star] Jack Black Surprises Everyone by Joining HAHA's Instagram Live

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jack Black Surprises Everyone by Joining HAHAs Instagram Live
American actor Jack Black made a surprise appearance on singer/TV personality HAHA's Instagram live.

On June 18, HAHA held a live broadcast and greeted fans via Instagram before shooting.

He first informed his fans that he was waiting for the shooting to begin, and introduced them to the pork cutlet he is endorsing with his fellow 'Running Man' cast Kim Jong-kook.
[스브스타] '형이 거기서 왜 나와?During the live broadcast, Jack Black suddenly appeared on the comment section, commenting, "Quan!" and "Hi!".
HAHA, Jack BlackUpon HAHA noticing Jack Black's comments, Jack Black joined HAHA's live broadcast for a short moment.

Jack Black first greeted HAHA with a bright smile on his face and said, "I miss you! How are you? You're looking good. I'm hungry. I'm gonna fly over there and have lunch with you!"
HAHA, Jack BlackHAHA and Jack Black previously met each other in 2016, when Black made a guest appearance on MBC's variety show 'Infinite Challenge'.
HAHA, Jack BlackHAHA, Jack Black(Credit= 'quanhaha79' Instagram, MBC Infinite Challenge)

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