[SBS Star] "The Longest K-pop Light Stick Ever" LOONA's Official Light Stick Goes Viral Online

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Published 2020.06.18 14:51 Updated 2020.06.18 14:55 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] "The Longest K-pop Light Stick Ever" LOONAs Official Light Stick Goes Viral Online
K-pop girl group LOONA's first official light stick is going viral online with the most unexpected reason.

On June 18, LOONA made an announcement of launching the group's first official light stick in almost two years since debut.LOONALOONAThe official light stick―the 'Orbit Crown'―features a golden crown surrounding a crystal gem, topped with a small crescent moon.
LOONAAside from the light stick's beautiful design, what really impressed not only LOONA's fans but the whole K-pop community in general was the light stick's length.

According to the specifications written on LOONA's official fan community, the light stick is 43.5 centimeters long (approximately 17 inches).
LOONAMany fans are now speculating that the Orbit Crown could easily be the longest official light stick in K-pop history.

One fan even took a photo to help fans imagine the actual size in comparison to an average-sized hand.
LOONALOONAMeanwhile, fans who signed up for LOONA's official fan club will get their chances to pre-order this gigantic light stick from June 29 to June 30.

(Credit= 'loonatheworld' Twitter, Online Community)

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