[SBS Star] Hyun Bin Pens a Sweet Handwritten Letter to Fans

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Published 2020.06.17 17:05 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Hyun Bin Pens a Sweet Handwritten Letter to Fans
Actor Hyun Bin shared a heartwarming handwritten letter to fans, expressing his thanks for their incessant love and support.

On June 16, Hyun Bin's management agency VAST Entertainment updated their official Instagram with a photo of Hyun Bin's handwritten letter.
Hyun BinHyun BinTo his fans, Hyun Bin wrote:

My beloved fans! Hello, this is Hyun Bin.

We ask about each other's well-being these days. How's everybody doing?

As always, I've been busy filming new projects.

I was thinking deeply about how I can ever express my gratitude for your encouragement and heart that you had sent to the filming site, so I'm writing this letter to you all.

Thanks to your love and support, many staff members and I were able to work harder on the shooting. Thank you very much.

I won't forget your lovely heart, and I will try my best to repay you with better works.

Until the day we can ask each other's regards freely again, please stay healthy and take good care of yourself.

One day in June 2020, Hyun Bin.
Hyun BinHyun BinMeanwhile, Hyun Bin has currently been busy shooting his new film 'Negotiation' (literal translation).

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