[SBS Star] LeeTeuk Talks About Receiving BTS' Signed Album from J-HOPE Through His Mother

Lee Narin

Published 2020.03.27 11:05 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] LeeTeuk Talks About Receiving BTS Signed Album from J-HOPE Through His Mother
K-pop boy group Super Junior's leader LeeTeuk shared that he recently received another boy group BTS' signed album from BTS' member J-HOPE through his mother. 

On March 25, LeeTeuk went live on his YouTube channel. 
LeeTeukDuring the live broadcast, LeeTeuk mentioned bumping into J-HOPE's mother a couple of days ago. 

LeeTeuk said, "You all know that I live in the same apartment complex as J-HOPE's family, right? I happened to bump into J-HOPE's mother just the other day."
LeeTeukHe continued, "Just as when I got out of my place, I met J-HOPE's mother. I was heading to a sauna at that time. She was like, 'Oh, LeeTeuk! I was on my way to see you right now.'"

He went on, "She handed me BTS' signed album and said, 'This is from my son. Also...' She then took something out of her pocket and gave me that as well. She said, 'This is from me.' It was something to put on a mask." 
LeeTeukThe K-pop star added, "I actually got a text from J-HOPE a few days ago saying that he wanted to give me BTS' signed album, but could not find time for it." 

After saying that, he wrapped up the story by sending his big thanks to J-HOPE and his mother.

(Credit= '이특' YouTube, 'BTS_twt' Twitter) 

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