[SBS Star] 'Running Man' GOT7 JINYOUNG Asks Yang Se Chan If He Likes Jeon So Min

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Running Man GOT7 JINYOUNG Asks Yang Se Chan If He Likes Jeon So Min
JINYOUNG of K-pop boy group GOT7 played Cupid during his guest appearance on 'Running Man'.

On November 24 episode of SBS' variety show 'Running Man', JINYOUNG guested on the show alongside comedian Heo Kyeong Hwan, actresses Seo Eun Su and Choi Ri.
Running ManRunning ManDuring the final race, JINYOUNG and Yang Se Chan called Jeon So Min and told her to come to the first floor.

Jeon So Min ignored Yang Se Chan while she cheerfully responded to JINYOUNG's, making Yang Se Chan grumble.
Running ManSeeing this, JINYOUNG said, "Hyung, I'll help you get together with Jeon So Min. Don't you have a crush on her?"

He then added, "From the eyes of the public, it seems like Yang Se Chan likes Jeon So Min a lot. There's definitely something between you two."
Running ManFlustered, Yang Se Chan responded, "From the eyes of the public? Absolutely not. It's a love that will never come true."

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