[SBS Star] Agency Explains Why TWICE NAYEON's Skirt Was Torn During Her Recent Performance

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Agency Explains Why TWICE NAYEONs Skirt Was Torn During Her Recent Performance
K-pop girl group TWICE's management agency JYP Entertainment revealed the story behind NAYEON's torn skirt during the group's recent performance.

On September 27, TWICE joined 'MBN Hero Concert' that took place at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul.
TWICEDuring TWICE's 'FANCY' performance, fans noticed that NAYEON's skirt was significantly torn on both sides.
NAYEONAfter the fancams of NAYEON were shared online, many fans commented, "Was the skirt torn by mistake or on purpose? I'm confused.", "Maybe she tore it while she was dancing.", "She looks so uncomfortable with the skirt.", and more.
NAYEONWith many fans expressing concerns towards the members' stage outfits, JYP Entertainment stepped up to explain the whole situation.

The agency told media, "We decided to tear her skirt right before she got on stage because it was too uncomfortable for her. She also wore black shorts underneath."

Meanwhile, TWICE just released the group's eighth mini album 'Feel Special' led by the title track of the same name.

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