[SBS Star] VIDEO: SHINee TAEMIN's Wild Reaction to a Sudden 'Bug Attack' on Stage

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: SHINee TAEMINs Wild Reaction to a Sudden Bug Attack on Stage
K-pop boy group SHINee's member TAEMIN made his fans burst out laughing with the cutest response he has shown when he encountered a bug on stage.

On July 5, TAEMIN held his first solo arena tour 'TAEMIN ARENA TOUR 2019 ~X™~' in Hiroshima, Japan.
TAEMINFor his first arena tour, TAEMIN has prepared 25 different stages and completely mesmerized the audience throughout the show.
TAEMINIn the midst of the concert, TAEMIN took his time to chat with his fans, and some fans from the front section started to scream something to him.

They were trying to tell TAEMIN that there was a bug, but he could not get what they were saying at first.

In the end, TAEMIN realized what it was and wildly shook his head to let the bug fly away.
TAEMINTAEMINUnfortunately, the bug was still there, making TAEMIN rushed to backstage asking for a staff member to check and returned to the audience.
TAEMINTAEMIN is well-known to be afraid of bugs, and would always show wild reaction when there is one around him.

Fans commented, "Why do I find this so cute. He's certainly a maknae!", "Poor Taemni (TAEMIN's nickname). But you were so charismatic about a minute ago!", and more.

(Credit= 'Lee Zha' YouTube, SM Entertainment)

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