[SBS Star] A Funny Teaser for Yoona & Cho Jung Seok's Film Unveils Prior to Its Premiere


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] A Funny Teaser for Yoona & Cho Jung Seoks Film Unveils Prior to Its Premiere
Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation and actor Cho Jung Seok's playfulness is making a lot of people laugh.

On June 12, a teaser image for an upcoming disaster film 'EXIT' was posted online.

In the image, the two stars are dressed in a suit and hilariously make the letters 'E', 'X', 'I', and 'T' with their body.

What makes it even more funny is the way they are trying to keep a straight face.Yoona and Cho Jung SeokOn the following day, the production team of 'EXIT' revealed a poster featuring the main cast―Yoona and Cho Jung Seok for the movie.

The poster showed Yoona and Cho Jung Seok holding on to a rope connected between the letters 'X' and 'I' above lots of high buildings.

On the poster, it says, "When our lives were already stressful and tough enough, a natural disaster came to us!" Yoona and Cho Jung Seok'EXIT' is about a jobless guy 'Yong Nam' (Cho Jung Seok), and his college friend 'Eui Joo' (Yoona).

They used to be the members of the same college hiking club, but lost contact with each other after graduation.

The two characters unexpectedly run into one another at the 70th birthday party of Yong Nam's mother.

Then, all of a sudden, they are put in an emergency situation as toxic gas floods the city.Yoona and Cho Jung Seok'EXIT' is planned to be released in theaters in July.

(Lee Narin, Credit= CJ Entertainment)

(SBS Star)