[SBS Star] U-KNOW Yunho Guests on DINDIN's Radio Show Today & DINDIN Shares How Loyal He Is


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] U-KNOW Yunho Guests on DINDINs Radio Show Today & DINDIN Shares How Loyal He Is
Hip-hop artist DINDIN thanked K-pop boy duo TVXQ!'s leader U-KNOW Yunho for coming to his radio show today.

On June 13 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Brother's Radio', U-KNOW Yunho made a guest appearance.

As soon as U-KNOW Yunho walked in to the radio booth, DINDIN jumped up and down and said, "Yay! My brother is here!"

After U-KNOW Yunho sat down on his seat, DINDIN excitedly told how U-KNOW Yunho ended up joining his radio show to listeners.U-KNOW YunhoDINDIN said, "As you know, me and Kim Sang-hyuk have just begun hosting this radio show since the beginning of the month. Out of all people, I wanted to invite U-KNOW Yunho here the most. So, I texted him the other day asking if he could join us some time."

He continued, "U-KNOW Yunho texted me back saying, 'Oh sure, of course I will. I mean, it's a radio hosted by you, DINDIN. I'll definitely join you!' He accepted it without hesitating for a second despite his hectic schedule."U-KNOW YunhoU-KNOW Yunho shyly laughed and commented, "After receiving that message from DINDIN, I had a look at my schedule. There was no way I could fit this radio show in anywhere, but I just adjusted some plans. I wanted to prioritize this over other plans, because I wanted to show my support to DINDIN."

DINDIN raised his thumb up and responded, "U-KNOW Yunho is such an incredible person. No words can describe how great he is. He touches my heart with his warmth every time I speak to him. Thank you so much, hyung."U-KNOW YunhoMeanwhile, U-KNOW Yunho released his solo debut album 'True Colors' on June 12.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS POWER FM Brother's Radio, 'brother103.5' Instagram)

(SBS Star)