[SBS Star] Police Share Plans to Re-open the Drug Case Involving B.I


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Police Share Plans to Re-open the Drug Case Involving B.I
Police have stated that they will consider reinvestigating the drug case involving K-pop boy group iKON's former member B.I.

On June 12, Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency's narcotics control unit stated, "We will contact 'A', who shared chatroom messages with B.I about purchasing drugs, and we will look into reopening the investigation if there are any changes in the testimony given by 'A'."
police logoThe police explained, "At the time, there was difficulty finding objective evidence to verify the claims made about B.I other than the testimony given by 'A'. Therefore, we were unable to conduct an investigation into Kim Hanbin (B.I's real name)."
B.IEarlier on June 12, Dispatch reported that B.I was accused of attempting to purchase illegal drugs in the summer of 2016.

B.I's chatroom conversations that suggested B.I was attempting to purchase and use drugs were revealed by the report, and B.I apologized for his inappropriate actions though he did not take drugs. 
B.IBoth his agency YG Entertainment and B.I announced his departure from iKON later that day.

(Credit= SBS funE, 'withikonic' Instagram)

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