[SBS Star] BTS JUNGKOOK Is So Beautiful That Everyone Cannot Stop Complimenting Him?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS JUNGKOOK Is So Beautiful That Everyone Cannot Stop Complimenting Him?
There is an interesting phenomenon that often takes place when people meet K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK―saying one or two things about his irresistible beauty.

Recently, one fan compiled the moments where people showed an enthusiastic reaction to JUNGKOOK after seeing him in person.
JUNGKOOKAfter seeing JUNGKOOK at the shoot herself, the senior editor of an American fashion magazine VOGUE wrote, "Jungkook, the youngest, is so striking in person, an audible hush falls when he enters, startling him slightly."

But apparently, she was not the only one who was blown away by his beauty since the hosts and the guests of other TV shows also could not go by without telling him how handsome and attractive he is.
Host  & guestWhen JUNGKOOK made a guest appearance at Mnet's talk show 'BEATLES CODE 3D' back in 2014, one of the hosts said, "I think JUNGKOOK has a pretty face. He is even prettier than a woman."
JUNGKOOKJUNGKOOKSimilar thing happened when JUNGKOOK introduced himself at one Japanese show since the host kept saying that he is cute ever since he said, "Hello, I'm JUNGKOOK, the youngest member of the group."
JUNGKOOKHost  & guestHis look also played a huge role in improving his chances of finding someone to dine with while filming JTBC's television show 'Let's Eat Dinner Together', since Korean actress Kim Nam Joo said, "A pretty face was standing next to my doorbell. If I was wearing makeup and hadn't had dinner, I would've said yes."

After hearing these stories, his fans commented, "Totally understandable. Because he's getting hotter and hotter every day.", "He's the perfect combination of pretty and handsome.", " The cutest bunny in the world!", and so on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC, Mnet, Online Community, VOGUE, NTV)

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