[SBS Star] CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Receives Nomination for 'Best Photograph' at the '2019 INSP Awards'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin Receives Nomination for Best Photograph at the 2019 INSP Awards
K-pop boy band Lee Jung Shin's resonating photo took one of the finalist spots at this year's 'INSP Awards' as 'Best Photograph'.

Just the other day, International Network of Street Papers (INSP) announced a set of 'INSP Awards' finalists, the top five images for 'Best Photograph' in particular.

Established in 2008, the 'INSP Awards' is a global awards ceremony hosted by INSP.

It highlights the outstanding achievements of independent street paper journalism and street papers' contribution to social justice.INSP AwardsLee Jung Shin submitted a photo via 'The Big Issue Korea', which he shot in Myanmar when he was there to volunteer in the beginning of last year. 

The photo eventually landed as one of the five finalists under the 'Best Photograph' category at the '2019 INSP Awards'.Lee Jung ShinOn the official website of the 'INSP Awards', it said, "Before Lee Jung Shin joined the military, he went to Myanmar to help people as a volunteer. He took photographs of those beautiful memories and contributed these photos exclusively to 'The Big Issue Korea' for free."

The organization also added that Lee Jung Shin had impacted people in Korea with his exceptional photography skills, "The photographs, like this one entered, were sensational in Korea and many people were inspired by his photos, which captured the faces and lives of people from Myanmar."INSP AwardsLee Jung Shin's interest in photography is widely known, and he has also used this passion to make a difference in the past.

Last summer, Lee Jung Shin held a photo exhibition 'Blowing Dandelions' (literal translation) with photos that he had taken in Myanmar.

At that time, he gained attention for donating all proceeds to a foundation to aid in children's education in Myanmar.Lee Jung ShinCurrently, Lee Jung Shin is serving his national mandatory duty as an active-duty soldier.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'INSP' Official Website, FNC Entertainment)

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