[SBS Star] The Pictures of EXO XIUMIN Released After His Enlistment Go Wild


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Pictures of EXO XIUMIN Released After His Enlistment Go Wild
K-pop boy group EXO's member XIUMIN proved that even an extremely short haircut cannot take his beauty away.

Recently, a few pictures of XIUMIN were posted on 'THE CAMP', a mobile application that act as a bridge between the soldiers and their families and friends.
XIUMINIn the pictures, XIUMIN was enjoying various snacks, and posing in front of the camera in his military uniform.
XIUMINAlthough he did not have the luxury to put on some makeup or get his hair done before taking a photo, he looked just as handsome and seemed like he was making the most of his time in the military.
XIUMINAlso, XIUMIN made many of his fans proud and feel safe with a picture of himself marching with a bulletproof military helmet on his head and a gun in his hands.

In other pictures, he was wearing an adorable black beret and standing next to his fellow soldiers to take a picture with them.
XIUMINDespite the fact that he is almost 10 years older than any other soldiers at his training camp, it seemed like XIUMIN had no problem hanging out with them since he not only looked their age, but also knew a way to make people around him feel comfortable.

Upon seeing these pictures, fans commented, "We'll be waiting for you. Please take care of yourself.", "OMG. He looks like a little baby.", "I'm glad that he's okay.", and so on. 

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= THE CAMP)

(SBS Star)