[SBS Star] VIDEO: Ong Seong-wu Goes to His Staff's Wedding & His Great Looks Stun All Guests


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Ong Seong-wu Goes to His Staffs Wedding & His Great Looks Stun All Guests
Actor Ong Seong-wu stunned all guests at his staff's wedding with his good looks.

Last weekend, Ong Seong-wu attended his staff's wedding with some other staff members, actors/actresses, and K-pop artists at his management agency.Ong Seong-wuFor this special day, Ong Seong-wu chose to dress formally in a gray suit.

The suit made him look elegant and mature, and also did not fail to make his perfect body ratio stand out.

As soon as Ong Seong-wu walked in to the wedding venue, all eyes turned to him.

Then, every one of them gasped at how good-looking Ong Seong-wu was.
After the wedding, he kindly took some photos with and signed his autograph to fans who happened to be there.

Later, some photos and videos of Ong Seong-wu from the wedding were shared online and fans commented, "Wow, he looks incredible with that suit. How can a person even look like that?", "Wish I were there. I'm jealous.", "Come to my wedding as my husband! Marry me, please!", and so on.Ong Seong-wuOng Seong-wuMeanwhile, Ong Seong-wu is busy filming his upcoming drama 'The Moment of Being 18' (literal translation), which is set to air in July.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community) 

(SBS Star)