[SBS Star] BTS RM Gives Credit to This for His Perfectly Toned Body


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS RM Gives Credit to This for His Perfectly Toned Body
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM revealed the secret behind his flawless physique.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of RM from 2017 to now to demonstrate the difference between his posture and figure which has drastically changed over the past couple of years.
RMRMRMDuring BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her' promotions, RM lost a ton of weight and maintained that slim figure throughout the entire activities.
RMRMRMBut few months later, his fans were able to notice that the shape of his shoulders, abs, and trapezius have changed a bit, and he got slightly muscular than before.

Later on it turns out that RM started to going to Pilates after hearing that he looks like he has a hunched back.
RMDuring a live broadcast back in April, RM said, "My father told me that I have a hunched back after watching the music video of our debut track 'No More Dream'. I started going to Pilates since then. That's what made me today."
RMFew years back, RM revealed in another live broadcast that his Pilates instructor gave him a few tips that he could easily adopt in any given situation, and shared that he has been utilizing those in his hotel room to improve his posture.
RMBefore showing some of the moves, RM jokingly added, "My Pilates instructor told me that I should never say that I'm going to the Pilates since what I'm doing is just stretching; not Pilates."
RMRMRMRMAfter seeing this notable change in RM's body, his fans commented, "Thank you Pilates. Amen!", "He already have an amazing body but now it's just mind-blowing.", "I Pilates you, RM.", and many more.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to take its stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' to Japan starting this July.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, 'BTS' V LIVE, 'greatestever912' 'RM_PSTGA' Twitter)

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