[SBS Star] BLACKPINK JISOO & 2PM NICHKHUN to Feature in Song Joong Ki's Drama


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BLACKPINK JISOO & 2PM NICHKHUN to Feature in Song Joong Kis Drama
JISOO of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK and NICHKHUN of boy group 2PM have confirmed to feature in actor Song Joong Ki's current drama―'Arthdal Chronicles'.

On June 10, the production team of 'Arthdal Chronicles' announced, "JISOO and NICHKHUN recently joined our shooting. We can't tell you what roles they played, as it can spoil things. We hope lots of people look forward to watching them appear in our drama."JISOO and NICHKHUNThis will be the second time JISOO acting in a drama after her cameo appearance in KBS' drama 'Produca' in 2015.

JISOO is expected to show a completely different side of herself to the charismatic side of herself on stage.

NICHKHUN has previously taken various roles in Japanese, Chinese, and Thai dramas/movies in the past, but never acted a part in Korea.

Many are happy to finally see him showing off his great acting skills in Korea. JISOO and NICHKHUN'Arthdal Chronicles' is a fantasy drama that depicts a story taking place in an ancient fictional city of Arthdal, where people are determined to turn the city into an ideal nation.

It had been said that 54 billion won (approximately 46 million dollars) was invested into the production of the drama.
JISOO and NICHKHUNMeanwhile, 'Arthdal Chronicles' aired its first episode on June 1 and new episodes get unveiled every Saturday and Sunday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Arthdal Chronicles, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment)

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