[SBS Star] "I Feel So Depressed Today" LeeTeuk's New Social Media Post Worries Fans


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] "I Feel So Depressed Today" LeeTeuks New Social Media Post Worries Fans
K-pop boy group Super Junior's leader LeeTeuk shared his sadness and also thanked his fans via social media.

On June 6, LeeTeuk updated his social media with a new photo and comment.

The photo was of a glass of cocktail on a wooden table on the quiet beach where the sky is filled with beautiful clouds.

In the caption, LeeTeuk wrote, "You know there are some days in your life when you just feel like you will burst into tears when somebody asks you, "Are you okay?" It gets worse when it rains; I would get so depressed to the point where I question myself if there is something seriously wrong with me."LeeTeukLeeTeuk continued, "I'm sure some of you are experiencing the same emotions as mine right now. I would like to give each of you a hug and tell you that I know how you feel, but I'm afraid I don't have the ability to do that."

He added, "But I can promise you one thing; I will never ever forget that I came this far thanks to you. Know that I'm always grateful for your love and support. I love you, everyone. I just remembered what I said to you back in 2015, 'Until the day when the color pearl sapphire blue (Super Junior's official color) covers the entire world...'"LeeTeukAfter his post was uploaded, his fans flooded the comment section with words of encouragement and strength.

They commented, "I hope you are okay, oppa. We are always here for you.", "Our love is eternal! Stay strong, leader-nim.", "I heard that it's raining hard in Seoul today. Sending you the biggest virtual hug!", and so on.LeeTeukMeanwhile, Super Junior is reportedly gearing up for a comeback with new songs soon.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'xxteukxx' Instagram)

(SBS Star)