[SBS Star] Who Shares with Whom? SM Artists Share Microphones at 'SMTOWN Concert'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Who Shares with Whom? SM Artists Share Microphones at SMTOWN Concert
If you are a fan of K-pop, you would already know that SM Entertainment is one of the biggest management agencies of Korea.

As the agency houses numerous artists, they usually have limited number of microphones when they are holding their joint SMTOWN concerts such as 'SMTOWN LIVE'.
SM Entertainment artistsRecently, some fans discovered the labels attached on the microphones that SMTOWN artists share on the stage.

Check out who shared his/her microphone with whom on the list below.

SM Entertainment artists2. EXO KAI & Red Velvet SEULGI
SM Entertainment artists3. EXO SUHO & Red Velvet JOY
SM Entertainment artists4. Girls' Generation Taeyeon & NCT JAEHYUN
SM Entertainment artists5. Girls' Generation Hyoyeon & NCT HAECHAN
SM Entertainment artists6. Super Junior YeSung & EXO XIUMIN
SM Entertainment artists7. Super Junior HeeChul & NCT LUCAS
SM Entertainment artists8. Super Junior LeeTeuk & EXO CHEN
SM Entertainment artists(Credit= SM Entertainment, Online Community)

(SBS Star)