[SBS Star] Choo Sa Rang's Sweet Birthday Gift for Her Mother Makes Everyone Smile


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Choo Sa Rangs Sweet Birthday Gift for Her Mother Makes Everyone Smile
Japanese model Yano Shiho shared a sweet gift that her daughter Choo Sa Rang prepared for her 43rd birthday.

On June 7, Yano Shiho updated her personal social media account with a photo and a video of the gifts that she received from her daughter―a flower bouquet and a birthday card.
Choo Sa Rang, Yano ShihoAlong with the photo, Yano Shiho wrote, "Choo Sung Hoon, Choo Sa Rang, and everyone, thank you for so many birthday wishes!"

She continued, "Sa Rang chose the rainbow flowers. The birthday card she made with her friend also moved me. I'm now 43, and I would like to cherish everything more with a heart full of kindness and love."

Thank you and love @akiyamachoo & @choosarang_official & everyone??? ?? たくさんのお祝いの言葉を、ありがとうございます!?? ?? みなさんのおかげのあの日以?、またお花が?きました??今回はサランのセレクトでレインボ?フラワ????? ? お友達と一?に作ってくれたバ?スデ?ノ?トも感動?????????? ?? ?この1年は、とてもアグレッシブでポジティブ、充?した日?を過ごしましたが、新しく迎えた43?は、包み?むような優しさや心の豊かさ、愛する?持ちをもっと大切にしていきたい。?? ?? 身近にいて支えてくれている家族や仕事仲間、大切な友人達、そして見守ってくださるファンの方?、?わってくださるみなさんのお役に立てるよう、日?を積み重ねていきます!?? ?? 日?感じる?持ちや??をいつもここでシェアしますね。みなさん、いつもありがとう ?????????? ? #thankyou #everyone #happy #lovely #birtday #flower #message #お誕生日 #ありがとう #43

SHIHO(@shiho_style)님의 공유 게시물님,

It seems like Choo Sa Rang put a lot of though into the birthday card, as it has multiple pages full of colorful, creative drawings for her mother.
Choo Sa Rang, Yano ShihoUpon seeing her post, fans commented, "Sa Rang's so cute and thoughtful. And she's really good at drawing, too!", "What an adorable birthday gift it is. Happy birthday Shiho!", and more.

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