[SBS Star] VIDEO: SOMI Crashes Tiffany Young's Live Broadcast & Their Conversation Is Just Too Cute


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: SOMI Crashes Tiffany Youngs Live Broadcast & Their Conversation Is Just Too Cute
Tiffany of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation and SOMI of disbanded project girl group I.O.I just exchanged a cute conversation during a live broadcast and fans could not get enough of it.

Recently, Tiffany Young held a live broadcast on her social media to celebrate the release of the Korean version of her song 'Runaway'.Tiffany YoungDuring the live broadcast, Tiffany Young noticed some fans were saying hi to SOMI in the comment section.

When Tiffany Young found out that SOMI was watching her live, she invited SOMI to it for a little while.

At that time, SOMI was getting her makeup done, but she happily joined the live and said hello to Tiffany Young and her fans with a bright smile.Tiffany YoungAfter excitedly welcoming SOMI, Tiffany Young mentioned SOMI's upcoming debut.

Tiffany Young said, "I know you are prepping for your solo. Congratulations! Are you feeling ready?"

SOMI replied, "Thank you! Umm, I don't know. I'm really nervous."

Then, Tiffany Young asked SOMI if she heard 'Runaway'.

SOMI responded, "Of course I heard it. I had to after seeing all those pretty pictures of you with blonde hair. I really love the song."Tiffany YoungLastly, Tiffany Young asked, "Are you coming to LA soon? Feel free to stop by. I got you, boo."

SOMI answered, "Yay! If I have the chance to go, then I'll totally text you."

After this, they waved goodbye to each other and Tiffany Young thanked SOMI for tuning in.

All fans found the conversation between these two stars so adorable that many of them commented that they hoped to see more of it in the future.
Meanwhile, Tiffany Young released the Korean version of 'Runaway' on May 31, and SOMI's solo debut is scheduled to take place on June 13.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'tiffanyyoungofficial' Instagram)

(SBS Star)