[SBS Star] Everybody Goes "No Way" After Finding Out This Was SEHUN's Shoulders, Not a Chair


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Everybody Goes "No Way" After Finding Out This Was SEHUNs Shoulders, Not a Chair
Everyone is having a hard time believing how broad SEHUN of K-pop boy group EXO's shoulders are.

Recently, one fan shared a screenshot from one past television show that EXO appeared.

The fan wrote, "Doesn't it look like SUHO is standing behind a black chair? Don't be surprised, but what we see here isn't the back of a chair!"

He/she continued, "It is actually SEHUN's back! His head was down at that time. He has such broad shoulders. It's unbelievable!"

Comments under this post included "Oh wow, he really does have wide shoulders.", "Are you serious? I honestly thought that was a chair!", "What? How is it possible for anyone to have shoulders as wide as that though?", and so on.SEHUNSince his debut in 2012, SEHUN received a lot of attention for having wide shoulders.

Fans loved this fact about SEHUN, and they even started calling him a guy with 'gangster shoulders'.

In one television show in the past, his shoulders were measured, and they turned out to be as wide as 49 cm.

Until this day, SEHUN is continuing to melt the hearts of fans with his 'gangster shoulders'.SEHUNSEHUNSEHUNSEHUN(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'refletsyueee' 'Twinned_Poison' 'from940412' Twitter)

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