[SBS Star] Lee Sung Kyoung's 'A Whole New World' Cover Regains Attention Following the 'Aladdin' Hype


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Sung Kyoungs A Whole New World Cover Regains Attention Following the Aladdin Hype
A model-turned-actress Lee Sung Kyoung's past song cover video has resurfaced online following the box office success of the film 'Aladdin'.

Recently, the live-action version of Disney's 1993 animated film 'Aladdin' is garnering attention of moviegoers worldwide.
AladdinThe 2019 'Aladdin' premiered in Korea on May 23 as well, and everyone has been talking about it and enjoy listening to the beautiful songs of the Disney movie.
Lee Sung KyoungFollowing all the hype and the film's ultimate nostalgia, Lee Sung Kyoung's old social media post of her singing the main number of 'Aladdin' once again attracted the eyes of many.

In the video, Lee Sung Kyoung sings 'A Whole New World' while driving her car in California, the United States.
Lee Sung KyoungEven in the short clip, Lee Sung Kyoung fully demonstrates her exceptional musical ability by hitting every note so perfectly with her beautiful voice.
Lee Sung KyoungYou can listen to Lee Sung Kyoung channeling her inner princess Jasmine in the video below:

Sing On The California ????

이성경(@heybiblee)님의 공유 게시물님,

(Credit= Walt Disney Company Korea, 'heybiblee' Instagram)

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