[SBS Star] VIDEO: Did You Know that BTOB Yook Sungjae Has an Incredible Sense of Balance?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Did You Know that BTOB Yook Sungjae Has an Incredible Sense of Balance?
It turned out K-pop boy group BTOB's member Yook Sungjae has an incredible sense of balance.

On one of the recent episodes of SBS' television show 'Master in the House', Yook Sungjae showed off his unbelievable balance skills.

On this day, the four cast―Yook Sungjae, comedian Yang Se-hyung, singer Lee Seung Gi, and actor Lee Sang Yun held a talent show.

When it was Yook Sungjae's turn, he said, "I'm good at balancing myself. I'll balance myself on a basketball."

Following his remark, Yook Sungjae stepped on the basketball right away and perfectly balanced himself on it.

He even took his phone out of his pocket and pretended to speak to his mother while still maintaining his balance.Yook SungjaeAfter getting off the basketball, he got a football out and commented, "Balancing on a football is much harder than a basketball, because your feet do not get as much room on it. It's a piece of cake for me though."

Like he said, it seemed very easy for him, because he succeeded in balancing himself on the football only within seconds.

Then, one of the masters decided to see whether if Yook Sungjae's balance skills could be used to balance objects as well.

So, he suggested Yook Sungjae to balance some uneven rocks on top of one another in various positions without the use of supports or any other contraptions which would help maintain the construction's balance.

In seven seconds, Yook Sungjae balanced one rock on the base rock, and about 15 seconds later, he balanced a small one on top of the previous rock.

The small rock unfortunately lost balance and fell down about five seconds afterwards, but Yook Sungjae certainly managed to impress his fellow cast members and masters with his amazing balance skills.

Meanwhile, 'Master in the House' airs a new episode every Sunday at 6:25PM KST.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Master in the House)

(SBS Star)