[SBS Star] OH MY GIRL JIHO Gets Caught While Trying to Leave Early from a Music Show


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] OH MY GIRL JIHO Gets Caught While Trying to Leave Early from a Music Show
K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL's member JIHO made the cutest mistake on a live television show.

On May 16 episode of Mnet's live music show 'M COUNTDOWN', OH MY GIRL performed its newest title track 'SSFWL'.

On this day, the members of OH MY GIRL brought about a fairytale-like mood to the studio with its sweet song, gentle dance moves, and adorable dresses.OH MY GIRLAt the very end of the song, each member ended the performance either while standing up or sitting down in their spot on the stage.

JIHO and her fellow member ARIN were two of the three girls who were posing while standing up.

For about five seconds after the music was finished playing, the camera was shooting the whole group.OH MY GIRLJust as when it felt like the camera stopped rolling and played the intro video for the next stage on air, it zoomed straight in to get a close-up shot of ARIN.

Immediately after ARIN noticed this, she smiled brightly for it.

Considering the time it had already been since OH MY GIRL's song stopped playing, it seemed like JIHO just assumed that the cameras were all turned off by then.OH MY GIRLSo, JIHO walked over to her right in front of ARIN to leave the stage, then suddenly noticed that the cameras were still on.

She stepped back right away, but the moment was already broadcast live throughout Korea as well as countries across the ocean.

ARIN, who saw all of it happening in front of her, tried to remain calm at first, but ended up laughing.OH MY GIRLMeanwhile, OH MY GIRL released its first-ever full album 'THE FIFTH SEASON' on May 8.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Mnet M COUNTDOWN)

(SBS Star)