[SBS Star] TAECYEON Reveals Whether 2PM Members Wrote to Him in the Army


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] TAECYEON Reveals Whether 2PM Members Wrote to Him in the Army
K-pop boy group 2PM's member TAECYEON revealed whether his fellow members wrote him letters when he was serving his military duty.

On May 16, TAECYEON sat down to hold a live broadcast shortly after being discharged from the military.
TAECYEONDuring the live broadcast, one fan asked, "Except for your family members, who was the first person you contacted after getting discharged?"

TAECYEON said, "It was my Commander in Chief. He helped me out a lot throughout my life in the military. I truly admire him."
TAECYEONWhen asked if his fellow 2PM members wrote him letters, TAECYEON answered, "They sent me letters online when I was at my recruit training center."

He continued, "They didn't send me the handwritten ones... But still it helped me a lot. (Their letters) warmed up my heart. I still keep the letters from my members."
TAECYEONIn regard to his comeback project, TAECYEON said, "Nothing is confirmed yet. I think I've become more cautious (about choosing projects)."

He explained, "I'm unable to make a quick decision because I want it to satisfy myself as well as you all. Please wait a little longer."

After enlisting in the military in September 2017, TAECYEON returned to his fans' loving arms on May 16.

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