[SBS Star] A Stranger Welcomes NU'EST MINHYUN to Her House After Seeing His Handsome Face


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] A Stranger Welcomes NUEST MINHYUN to Her House After Seeing His Handsome Face
K-pop boy group NU'EST's member MINHYUN made a complete stranger open her door with his jaw-dropping beauty.

On May 15 episode of JTBC's television show 'Let's Eat Dinner Together', MINHYUN stole the hearts of the public with his irresistible allure.
Let's Eat Dinner Together host & guestOn this day, MINHYUN and one of the show's hosts Kang Ho-dong had a hard time finding a family to eat together since some of them already had dinner and others were bit reluctant to the idea of unveiling their house in front of numerous cameras.
Let's Eat Dinner Together host & guestHowever, they did not give up and kept ringing the doorbell in hope that they could meet someone who would say exactly what they wanted to hear all along―a simple "Yes."
Let's Eat Dinner Together host & guestFortunately, a miracle happened after a few minutes and Kang Ho-dong and MINHYUN were finally able to stuff their belly.
Let's Eat Dinner Together host & guestAll MINHYUN said was, "Hello, I'm MINHYUN from NU'EST," but the door just opened as if what he said was a magic spell of some sort.
Let's Eat Dinner Together host & guestThen, the lady who welcomed him with her open arms made everyone burst into laughter by saying, "He was way too handsome. I had to open the door."

After seeing this episode, the viewers commented, "Couldn't agree more. I would've done the same thing.", "If you knock on my door, I can throw a feast for you.", "Drop by my house too.", and many more.

Meanwhile, NU'EST is currently focusing on the promotional activity of its sixth mini album 'Happily Ever After'.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC Let's Eat Dinner Together)

(SBS Star)