[SBS Star] 2PM TAECYEON Officially Completes His Military Service


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] 2PM TAECYEON Officially Completes His Military Service
TAECYEON of K-pop boy group 2PM has officially discharged from the military today.

On May 16, over 500 fans of TAECYEON gathered in front of the 9th Division Recruit Training Center located in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.
TAECYEON (Yonhap)TAECYEON (Yonhap)TAECYEON took a moment to thank all the fans and reporters who had shown up to welcome him from being discharged from the military.

He said, "First, I want to thank my fans for waiting for me. I didn't expect this many people would come here today. I promise to return soon with something good."

When asked what he wanted to do first, TAECYEON answered, "I want to see my 2PM members. Two of them are currently in the army, and I really miss them. I hope we can gather soon and show everyone something great."
TAECYEON (Yonhap)Fellow 2PM member CHANSUNG was also at the site to greet him, and the two members exchanged smiles and some handshakes when they finally reunited.
TAECYEON (Yonhap)TAECYEON enlisted in September 2017 and served his military duty as an assistant instructor at the recruit training center.

During his service, TAECYEON decided to leave JYP Entertainment and signed his exclusive contract with 51K, starting a new chapter in his life as both a singer and actor.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency)

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