[SBS Star] Fans Envy All Students Who Attend the Same University as Park Ji Hoon


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Fans Envy All Students Who Attend the Same University as Park Ji Hoon
Many fans of K-pop artist Park Ji Hoon wish that they went to the same university as him.

This week, some students at Chung-Ang University shared photos which made fans go, "No way! Is that for real? I'm envy them so much!"Park Ji HoonThe photos were of themselves that they had taken right next to Park Ji Hoon.

They explained that they took a lecture with Park Ji Hoon and asked for photos after it.

These facts already made lots of fans jealous, but after seeing that these students referred to him as 'our sunbae-nim (senior) Park Ji Hoon', they just could not help themselves but to start crying out of jealousy.Park Ji HoonThey commented, "I wish I could call him sunbae-nim as well! I'm just going to practice saying it in my mind until I get into Joong-Ang University next year (hopefully).", "This motivates me to study harder. I'm going to get into Joong-Ang University! Yes, I will!", "Ji Hoon sunbae, I mean, Ji Hoon oppa! I love you!", and so on.Park Ji HoonPark Ji HoonThere was also a photo of Park Ji Hoon with a male student in the university's cafeteria.

It seemed like Park Ji Hoon chose to wear something comfortable on this day, and match his outfit with a pair of round glasses and white mask.Park Ji HoonPark Ji Hoon is currently enrolled at Chung-Ang University's Department of Performing Arts and Film Studies.

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