[SBS Star] NU'EST MINHYUN's Heartfelt Letter Moves JYJ Kim Jae Joong


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] NUEST MINHYUNs Heartfelt Letter Moves JYJ Kim Jae Joong
K-pop boy group NU'EST's member MINHYUN has proven to be a loyal fan of his senior, Kim Jae Joong of JYJ.

On May 14, Kim Jae Joong shared a photo on his personal social media account.
MINHYUN, Kim Jae JoongAlong with the photo which seems like a letter written on an album, Kim Jae Joong wrote, "Not only his appearance, but also his heart and personality are handsome, too."

In the shared letter, MINHYUN wrote, "Sunbaenim! Hello, this is NU'EST. It is such an honor to meet you, and whenever we are tired and worn out, we heal listening to your music and watching your appearances on Japanese TV shows. Thank you for singing. We hope you to always be healthy and happy. We respect you!"
MINHYUN, Kim Jae JoongPreviously, the members of NU'EST have continuously mentioned TVXQ! and JYJ members as their role models.

Upon watching this heartwarming interaction between Kim Jae Joong and NU'EST, their fans wrote, "This is so cute.", "One successful fan indeed!", "I love them both.", and more.

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