[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun & Han Ji Min Show Support to Park Hyung Sik with His First-ever Movie


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun & Han Ji Min Show Support to Park Hyung Sik with His First-ever Movie
Korean actor Park Seo Jun and actress Han Ji Min showed their full support to another actor Park Hyung Sik with his first-ever movie.

On May 14, Han Ji Min uploaded a photo of herself taken with Park Hyung Sik on her social media.

The photo was of Park Hyung Sik putting his arm around Han Ji Min's shoulders, and they both smile for the camera while making a heart with their fingers.

Along with the photo, Han Ji Min wrote, "I highly recommend you to watch 'Juror 8'!"Park Hyung SikA few hours later, Park Seo Jun also updated his social media with a photo of Park Hyung Sik from his movie 'Juror 8'.

In the caption, Park Seo Jun wrote, "'Juror 8' is Siki(Park Hyung Sik's nickname)'s first-ever movie. He did a great job despite being his first time acting for a movie."

He added with a thumbs up emoji, "You should check it out."

Under this post, Park Hyung Sik commented, "You are very kind, sir♥"

Then some time later, Park Seo Jun replied with a winking face emoji.Park Hyung Sik'Juror 8' is based on Korea's first national public trial that was held in 2008.

The story is about eight ordinary citizens who become part of the trial's jury, and their journey of uncovering the truth behind the case.

In this movie, Park Hyung Sik played the role of 'Kwon Nam-woo', who unexpectedly got chosen as the last juror on a very important day for his business.Park Hyung SikMeanwhile, 'Juror 8' is planned to hit the theaters on May 16.

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