[SBS Star] Court Dismisses Pretrial Arrest Warrant for SEUNGRI


작성 2019.05.15 09:27 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Court Dismisses Pretrial Arrest Warrant for SEUNGRI
Local court has refused to issue an arrest warrant against singer SEUNGRI, who faces embezzlement and pimping charges.

On May 14, SEUNGRI attended court questioning to determine the validity of request by police for his arrest warrant.
승리 구속 영장 기각That evening, the Seoul Central District Court announced the dismissal of the requested pretrial arrest warrant for SEUNGRI as well as for his business partner 'Yu'.

The court said there is "room for dispute" over their alleged embezzlement and there is "little concern" that they could destroy evidence.
가수 승리SEUNGRI is alleged to have arranged sexual escort services for his Japanese investors, together with 'Yu', and they also face allegations of embezzling about 530 million won (approximately 445,000 dollars) from the club 'Burning Sun'.

SEUNGRI is also one of the celebrities who allegedly shared illegally-obtained sexual contents in a group chatroom.

Pretrial arrest warrants for singers Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon, who were also members of the group chat, were issued in March and May, respectively.

(SBS Star)