[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bin's Agency Clarifies About His Religion·Health Status·Comeback


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Woo Bins Agency Clarifies About His Religion·Health Status·Comeback
Actor Kim Woo Bin's management agency gave an update on his health, religion, and potential comeback in light of media reports of his attendance at a ceremonial event for Buddha's Birthday.

On May 14, Kim Woo Bin's agency sidusHQ released a statement regarding the actor's recent appearance at a religious event with his friend actor Zo In Sung.

▶ [SBS Star] Kim Woo Bin Spotted at a Buddha's Birthday Ceremonial Event with Zo In Sung
Kim Woo Bin, Zo In SungAs Kim Woo Bin is known to be a Catholic, many people began to speculate about his potential convert to Buddhism.

To this, a source from sidusHQ clarified, "We are unable to know in detail about Kim Woo Bin's religious beliefs. It seems that he privately attended the event due to his friendship with Zo In Sung."

The source went on, "We found out Kim Woo Bin attended the event after it was aired on a broadcast. Religion is a private matter, so we don't exactly know if our actors attend church, Catholic church, or temples."
Kim Woo BinThe agency source also gave an update on Kim Woo Bin's health.

The source stated, "Kim Woo Bin is currently healthy and doing well. As he announced through his fan community, he safely completed all of his necessary treatments and is going through regular check-ups."

In regard to his potential comeback, the source said, "The rumors about his return are still just rumors. Nothing has been set or confirmed regarding Kim Woo Bin's comeback promotions yet. Our agency is also focusing on Kim Woo Bin's health and recovery before anything else."
Kim Woo BinDebuted as a model in 2008 then as an actor in 2011, Kim Woo Bin announced his indefinite hiatus after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

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