[SBS Star] VIDEO: SEUNGRI Attends Arrest Warrant Hearing


작성 2019.05.14 10:56 조회수
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The arrest warrant for singer SEUNGRI (Lee Seung-hyun) will be decided on as early as today.

On May 14 at around 10AM KST, SEUNGRI appeared at Seoul Central District Court to attend the hearing for his arrest warrant.

He did not answer questions from reporters when asked whether he admits to the allegations.
영장실질심사 위해 법원 출석한 승리 (사진=연합뉴스)SEUNGRI is currently facing allegations of procuring sexual escort services and embezzling funds from the club 'Burning Sun', where he previously worked as a public relations director.

The court will open a hearing this afternoon to review arrest warrant for SEUNGRI as well as his business partner 'Yu', who is also facing similar charges.
승리, 유모대표They face allegations of embezzlement of about 530 million won (approximately 445,000 dollars) in total from 'Burning Sun', which stands at the center of a series of sex and drug scandals.

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