[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Sends a Snack Box for 100 Contestants of 'Produce X 101'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Sends a Snack Box for 100 Contestants of Produce X 101
Kim Jae Hwan of disbanded K-pop project boy group Wanna One surprised the contestants of one survival audition program which he participated two years ago.

On May 13, the production team of Mnet's survival audition program 'Produce X 101' dropped a video of contestants watching the first episode of the show.
Kim Jae HwanIn the clip, all the contestants were sitting in an auditorium looking nervous as they were just about to find out their first ranking.
Kim Jae HwanBut before they go over the show's first episode, they received an unexpected gift from Kim Jae Hwan who would exactly understand what they are going through right now.
Kim Jae HwanIn the care package he sent, there was a variety of snacks starting from a sandwich to a juice box and fruits.
Kim Jae HwanAfter seeing the cute little note that Kim Jae Hwan left on the top of the box, the contestants said, "Thank you. You are the best."
Kim Jae HwanKim Jae HwanLater on, some of them even made a little heart with their fingers to express their gratitude and respect.
Kim Jae HwanUpon seeing this clip, Kim Jae Hwan's fans commented, "He is such a sweetie! How could we not love him.", "I know that I'm not a contestant but I want one too.", "Bless his heart.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Hwan is scheduled to release his first solo album 'Another' on May 20 at 6PM KST.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Mnet Produce X 101, 'KJH_officialtwt' Twitter)

(SBS Star)