[SBS Star] 2PM TAECYEON·JUNHO·CHANSUNG Attend NICHKHUN's First-ever Solo Concert in Korea


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] 2PM TAECYEON·JUNHO·CHANSUNG Attend NICHKHUNs First-ever Solo Concert in Korea
Some artists at JYP Entertainment went to support NICHKHUN of K-pop boy group 2PM for his first-ever solo concert in Korea '[HOME] IN SEOUL'.

On May 13, NICHKHUN updated his social media with several new pictures.

The first picture was of NICHKHUN and J.Y.Park, the head of JYP Entertainment, putting their arms around each other's shoulders.JYP nationThe second picture showed NICHKHUN with two members of 2PM―TAECYEON and JUNHO along with YUGYEOM and BAMBAM of another boy group GOT7.

In the last picture, NICHKHUN was seen standing in between CHANSUNG, the youngest member of 2PM, and actor Jung Gun Joo.

Along with the pictures, NICHKHUN wrote, "Thank you for coming to see my concert! Sorry for uploading the pictures late."JYP nationIt looked like their friendship won over busy schedule and tiredness that they all decided to go all the way to Samsung Hall, Ewha Womans University, where the concert took place. 

What especially caught the attention of fans was TAECYEON's presence, because he is still serving the national mandatory duty in the military.

It probably was not easy taking the exact date of the concert off from the military, but it seems TAECYEON tried to best to take last weekend off to show support to his beloved fellow member.JYP nationMeanwhile, NICHKHUN is planned to take his solo concert to Japan next month.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'khunsta0624' Instagram)

(SBS Star)