[SBS Star] FNC Entertainment Announces Min A's Departure from AOA


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] FNC Entertainment Announces Min As Departure from AOA
K-pop girl group AOA's member Min A has ultimately decided to go separate ways from her bandmates.

On May 13, AOA's management agency FNC Entertainment announced that Min A will no longer be a part of AOA and will leave the agency.
Min AThe agency announced her departure through an official statement posted on AOA's official fan community, that reads:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We recently renewed our contracts with five members of AOA―Ji Min, Yu Na, Hye Jeong, Seol Hyun, and Chan Mi.

The five AOA members agreed to maintain the team and renew their contracts based on their love for their fans.

Our agency has worked with AOA members with mutual trust and belief, and we plan to fully support the five members who have renewed contracts so that they can continue their activities.
Min AMin A, who has been with us for seven years, has decided to part ways with us to pursue her new dreams after thorough discussion with our company as well as the members.

To respect her choice, we have decided on the termination of her exclusive contract and her departure from the group.

We ask you to support and encourage Min A's difficult decision.

Our agency will support the five members of AOA in various ways to ensure that they can consistently release music, while also helping them promote individually by bringing out the bests in each member.

Thank you.

(Credit= FNC Entertainment)

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