[SBS Star] VIDEO: Singer Kang Sung Hoon Under Fire for Calling Present-day Idols "Ugly"


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Singer Kang Sung Hoon Under Fire for Calling Present-day Idols "Ugly"
Singer Kang Sung Hoon, a former member of first generation boy group SECHSKIES, has been caught bad-mouthing other idols these days.

On May 12, a short video clip of Kang Sung Hoon talking with his fans was uploaded on YouTube with the title, 'Absurd Remark 1'.
Kang Sung HoonIn the video, Kang Sung Hoon is seen sitting down on a table casually talking with some of his fans.

He said, "Ah, I wish I was taller. Why there's no surgery to add height? I would be much more confident if I could be 8cm taller."
Kang Sung HoonKang Sung Hoon then talked about present-day idol group members, "But I think idols these days are ugly. When I see them at hair salons, they are so ugly. Why is that?"

He went on, "They are so ugly. Their skin is terrible, too. I wonder why they are that ugly!"

When some fans asked whom the idols he talked about, Kang Sung Hoon answered, "How can I reveal who it is?m There hasn't been a single good-looking idol since TVXQ!, really."

He added, "If I become a producer for idol groups, I'm going to choose the members based on their looks. I mean, don't you think they should be quite handsome to become celebrities? With good skins and some aura?"
Kang Sung HoonMany K-pop fans who watched the video expressed shock to his derogatory remarks, commenting, "After all his previous problematic incidents, another disappointment yet again.", "How low are you gonna go?", and more.

(Credit= '나리' YouTube, 'kang.s.h.0222' Instagram)

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