[SBS Star] 'Korean-Chinese Couple' Ham So-won & Jin Hua Share Photos of Their Lovely Daughter


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Korean-Chinese Couple Ham So-won & Jin Hua Share Photos of Their Lovely Daughter
Korean model/actress Ham So-won and her husband Chinese social media star Jin Hua shared photos of their daughter 'Hye-jung'.

On May 9, Ham So-won uploaded several photos of her child, who was born last December.

Along with the photos, she wrote, "Hye-jung is having so much fun. Awww the bandana looks great on her!"

The photos were of her daughter playing around with some fabric and toys while lying comfortably on a soft blanket.Ham So-won and Jin HuaHam So-won and Jin HuaWhat caught the eye of many people in these photos were how much Hye-jung showed a resemblance to both Ham So-won and Jin Hua.

Hye-jung had dark eyebrows, big round eyes, a high nose bridge, and thin lips just like her parents.

This was also evident in the other photos that Ham So-won posted on social media recently.Ham So-won and Jin HuaHam So-won and Jin HuaHam So-won and Jin HuaThis celebrity couple got married last February and started attracting the attention of the public as Jin Hua is 18 years younger than Ham So-won.

When Ham So-won was in Shenzhen, China for her promotion back in 2015, she met Jin Hua by chance.

Previously, Ham So-won revealed that she hesitated when Jin Hua first asked her out because of their age difference, but she later accepted to go on a date with him.

They have been building sweet memories together ever since they started dating each other. Ham So-won and Jin Hua(Lee Narin, Credit= 'ham_so1' Instagram)

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