[SBS Star] Song Ji-hyo Sends Some Coffee & Snack to 2PM JUNHO's Drama Set


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Song Ji-hyo Sends Some Coffee & Snack to 2PM JUNHOs Drama Set
Korean actress Song Ji-hyo sent some coffee and snack to K-pop boy group 2PM's member JUNHO to show support for his ongoing drama project.

On May 8, JUNHO updated his social media with four different pictures.

In the first three pictures, JUNHO was seen smiling like the happiest guy in the world in front of a snack truck.

There were supporting messages written on the banners around the snack truck that said, "To the team of 'Confession', would you rather confess your wrongdoings to JUNHO or enjoy all this? Hope you enjoy it! Giving my full support to everyone on site! From Song Ji-hyo."JUNHOJUNHOJUNHOThe last picture was of JUNHO's selfie where he covered half of his face with a cup of coffee. 

Under these pictures, JUNHO wrote with a heart emoji, "Oh my, Ji-hyo noona! I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you."

It remains unknown how the two stars became close, but Song Ji-hyo's sweet gesture and their friendship are definitely making a lot of people smile. JUNHOFor the past couple of months, JUNHO has been busy filming tvN's drama 'Confession' where he was cast as 'Choi Do-hyun'.

'Choi Do-hyun' is a character who suffered from a chronic heart disease, but earned the chance to live a second life after a heart transplant.

He then becomes a lawyer in order to prove his father's innocence who was sentenced to death for murder.

Meanwhile, 'Confession' plans to air its final episode this Sunday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'le2jh' 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram)

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