[SBS Star] JYP Ent. & 'Produce X 101' Kick Yoon Seo-bin Out After He Was Rumored to Be a School Bully


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] JYP Ent. & Produce X 101 Kick Yoon Seo-bin Out After He Was Rumored to Be a School Bully
One contestant of 'Produce X 101'―the fourth season of Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce 101' named Yoon Seo-bin has been kicked out of his management agency JYP Entertainment as well as the television show.Yoon Seo-binEarlier this month, Yoon Seo-bin's school friends stepped forward to reveal 'real' Yoon Seo-bin online.

They claimed that he had legally changed his name from Yoon Byung-hwi, and used to badly bully his classmates when he was in school.

They also posted pictures of Yoon Seo-bin in a pub when he was a minor, smoking a cigarette while wearing a school uniform, and so on.

Shortly after this started spreading to different online communities, JYP Entertainment and Mnet stated that they were looking into it.Yoon Seo-binThen today, JYP Entertainment issued an official statement regarding the future of their trainee Yoon Seo-bin.

The agency said, "We have decided to terminate our contract with Yoon Seo-bin after concluding that he is not a good fit with our company. As a result, he will automatically be  stepping down from 'Produce X 101'."

Later, Mnet also confirmed this and added, "We plan to edit him out as much as possible on future episodes that have already been filmed."Yoon Seo-binMeanwhile, Yoon Seo-bin ranked No. 12 out of 101 trainees after the first episode was aired last Friday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Mnet Produce X 101)

(SBS Star)