[SBS Star] "We Are Each Other's First Love" These Former K-pop Group Members Are Getting Married


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] "We Are Each Others First Love" These Former K-pop Group Members Are Getting Married
Two former K-pop group members Ace of Paran and Kim Ji-hye of Cats are getting married.

On May 8, it was reported that Ace and Kim Ji-hye are planning to hold a wedding ceremony on June 7.Ace and Kim Ji-hyeShortly after the report was made, they both took their social media to confirm it.

Ace wrote, "I met Ji-hye the year after I made debut as a member of Paran in 2005. We dated for a while, but broke up and went separate ways. Then about 10 years later, we started dating again and decided to marry each other."

He continued, "She was my first love and a dreamlike event of marrying your first love has happened to me. The interesting thing is, our group's debut track was titled 'First Love'. I felt that she was the only one for me. I had to marry her."Ace and Kim Ji-hyeKim Ji Hye also revealed that Ace was her first love, "I am marrying my first love from 13 years ago."

She went on, "After we broke up, he remained beside me as my best male friend for the last 10 years. Along the way, he became more and more important to me."Paran and CatsMeanwhile, Ace still actively promotes as a member of Paran and also works as a musical actor, and Kim Ji-hye runs a cosmetics company.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE, NH EMG, Logi Entertainment)

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