[SBS Star] VIDEO: The Agencies' Irresponsible Response Shown After the Scandal Upsets the Public


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The other celebrities who were in the group chatroom and their management agencies have been denying all related suspicions and playing innocent so far.

But after our reports proved those suspicions, they later admitted their fault.

Here is how the celebrities and their management agencies deceived their loving fans.
Choi Go-woon reports.


In April 2016, FTISLAND member Choi Jong Hoon posted a picture of a sleeping woman on the group chatroom.

The chat participants talked about the woman's figure and Choi even revealed who she is.

On top of that, Choi repeatedly asked the others in the chatroom to upload pictures of women's body and made demeaning comments on women.

He also watched the sex video which was shared on the group chatroom.

CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun was also in the group chatroom. 

Lee Jong Hyun treated women like an object and asked for sex videos both in the group chatroom and the one-on-one chatroom with Jung Joon Young.

Despite the circumstances, his agency FNC Entertainment kept silence until SBS' first report, and came up with an explanation that they were just casual acquaintances, and Lee has nothing to do with the scandal.

[Reporter: So, they were just casual acquaintances? He has nothing to do with the suspicion that SEUNGRI arranged sexual escort services, and he did not share the sex tape which was obtained illegally.]

[FNC Entetainment: We'll have to check on that.]

When the reports about Choi Jong Hoon's DUI charges came out, the agency argued that he made no such request to police even though it was true Choi Jong Hoon was caught driving under the influence.

But today, they ultimately announced Choi Jong Hoon's departure and apologized.

However, the agency kept insisting even today (March 14) that Lee Jong Hyun have not shared the video nor had an inappropriate conversation.

Singer Yong Jun Hyung who argued that the reports from SBS was not true and that he had nothing to do with the video, acknowledged all suspicions and announced his departure from the group.

After the reports, SEUNGRI's agency YG Entertainment was busy denying accusations and insisted that the messages from the group chatroom were manipulated.

To the public, the agencies' copying mechanism of denying all accusations at first are coming across just as disappointing as the ugly suspicions.

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(Translated by Kang Eunbee)

(SBS Star)