[SBS Star] VIDEO: Jung Joon Young's Chatroom Members Show No Signs of Guilt


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Now, we will give you an update on Jung Joon Young's scandal.

He is currently being accused of secretly filming himself having sex with women and sharing the video clips with others. 

On March 11, we had revealed the online conversation between Jung Joon Young and other top stars in their chatroom. 

We have taken a more detailed look into it and discovered that the members in the chatroom even had discussed their wrongdoings with no guilt, while being fully aware that they were carrying out illegal activities.

Here is a part of the conversation from the chatroom. Choi Go-woon reports.


On April 17, 2016, non-celebrity 'Kim' shares a video clip to the chatroom where Jung Joon Young is also part of.

It is a short video clip of himself having sex with a woman.

The woman in the video clip does not look conscious, but 'Kim' does not seem to care at all.

When singer 'Choi' tells 'Kim' to send a video clip of a "living" woman, 'Kim' answers, "I was able to film her with the flash on, because she was unconscious."

Jung Joon Young tells him that it was an act of sexual assault and laughs.

In March that year, 'Park' in that chatroom gives details on how he had sex with a woman after giving her sleeping pills.

Jung Joon Young makes fun of the woman here.

Although it is a serious crime to drug and sexually assault a woman, they do not show any signs of guilt. 

There were times when they actually knew their actions could lead to them facing charges.

One day, Jung Joon Young suggests the members in the chatroom to sexually assault some women online together.

Then, one of them responds, "Aren't we already doing that in real life?"

They also say that they have committed numerous crimes out there, just not murder.

Their conversation showed they had no regrets and repeatedly carried out some actions which they recognized as crimes.

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(Translated by Lee Narin)

(SBS Star)