[SBS Star] VIDEO: Police Turned a Blind Eye to FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon's DUI Charges?


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In the group chatroom in which Jung Joon Young and his celebrity friends were in, there were several messages that implicate their cozy relationship with the authority.

Let's take a closer look on who it was, and what was it all about. Choi Go-woon reports.


In March 2016, FTISLAND member Choi Jong Hoon shared a news report about a singer's drunk driving incident and said, "I survived because of the favor from OO".

The person he talks about is 'Yu', who was also in the group chatroom.

Another participant said, "Jong Hoon had a good experience. You were handcuffed, ran away in front of the police", indicating that Choi wasn't necessarily cooperated at the DUI checkpoint.

According to the participants, Choi's case was something that "could be a headline," or "would make Choi Jong Hoon famous," but his case has never been told to the media, and Choi maintained his life as a celebrity.

In another conversation, some messages indicated 'Yu' used his money to avoid media coverage.

The police officer who investigated Choi even congratulated Choi's birthday with a phone call.

Although the police was not specified in the message, it surely implicate that there was an inappropriate deal between them.

The word 'police' pops up again in another conversation.

In July 2016, 'Kim' said in the group chatroom where SEUNGRI and Jung Joon Young were in, that he saw the message between 'Yu' and the "Police General", stating that SEUNGRI would bypass regulations.

He added that "a neighboring club tried to make a report to the police from jealousy, but he said we don't have to worry about it," was written on the message.

It is still unclear whether he mistyped the title since the head of national police is a 'Commissioner' General, but the message implicates their alleged tie with the police.

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