[SBS Star] Military Manpower Administration Responds to SEUNGRI's Potential Enlistment Postponement


작성 2019.03.15 14:31 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Military Manpower Administration Responds to SEUNGRIs Potential Enlistment Postponement
Military Manpower Administration (MMA) has responded to the possibility of SEUNGRI's enlistment delay.

On March 15, SEUNGRI completed his second police questioning for various charges surrounding his business including the allegation of providing sexual escort services for investors.
SEUNGRIJust before leaving the police agency, SEUNGRI stood in front of reporters and stated that he plans to make an official request to postpone his enlistment.

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In response, MMA Commissioner Ki Chan-soo told media, "Because there are no legal grounds allowing the administration to delay enlistment for an active-duty,  (SEUNGRI) will be investigated in the military after his enlistment if the situation persists as it is."

He continued, "If he makes the request to postpone his enlistment, we will take a look at the reasons and thoroughly examine them."
SEUNGRIIf SEUNGRI does make the official request to delay his enlistment date, the result has to come out within 10 days before his initial enlistment date on March 25.

(Credit= Military Manpower Administration, Yonhap News Agency)