[SBS Star] VIDEO: SEUNGRI Expresses His Intent to Postpone Enlistment


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After being investigated for 16 hours overnight, SEUNGRI spoke to the media.

On March 15 at 6:14AM KST, SEUNGRI stood in front of reporters before returning home from the overnight investigation.
[영상] 16시간 조사 마친 승리SEUNGRI said, "I finished the investigation faithfully, and I'm going to apply for a formal postponement to the Military Manpower Administration."

He continued, "If the administration allows me to do so, I will postpone my enlistment date and show you that I am being investigated thoroughly until the end."
밤샘조사 마친 승리(사진=연합뉴스)SEUNGRI is accused of arranging sexual escort services for potential investors of his business.

His status has officially changed on March 10 from that of a subject of investigation to that of a suspect.

He was initially scheduled to enlist in the military on March 25, but he ultimately plans to delay the schedule amid snowballing allegations of his involvement in sex crimes and corruption.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency)

(SBS Star)